RFP Response


Improve Your Win Ratio with Better RFP Responses 

How many RFP responses does your marketing and sales team put out every year?

What percentage of them do you win? 

If you don’t have a great proposal that meets all their requirements, looks great and provides the information they are actually looking for, then you can improve your win ratio.

Keystone Resources’ experienced, and APMP certified, RFP response team can help you or an existing marketing and sales groups to plan, write, design, print and submit more winning proposals.

Keystone Resources and the clients who use our proposal management services win more often. Specifically, we boast a win rate of 87% for us and our clients.

If you’re not winning 87% of the proposals you put out, it’s time to call us.

Better proposals. More wins. More revenue.

Supporting Your Internal RFP Response Teams

Keystone Resources very often works with clients who have internal resources dedicated to proposals and RFP responses.

Often our expertise can bring new skills and perspectives to proposal management and strategy, proposal design and presentation design

For those clients with internal teams we bring a fresh set of eyes with years of proposal experience in proposal strategy and tactical implementation.

Here are some of the supplemental proposal services we provide:

Let us help you and your team improve the number of bids that you win. 

Keystone Resources RFP Response Process

Bottom line, you need to win more bids to earn more revenue.

Keystone Resources has a dedicated division with the sole purpose of helping improve your win ratio.

Years of RFP response experience, APMP certifications and hundreds of projects won for our clients and ourselves have guided the creation of our successful proposal process.

  1. Discovery: We take a deep dive into your company’s overall goals, objectives and current RFP response process to uncover any discrepancies, inefficiencies or areas of improvement.
  2. Subject Matter Expert (SME) Debrief: Afterward, we interview key personnel to uncover areas of specialty, unique benefits, important projects/experience and key differentiators to assist in a strong message strategy for your RFP responses
  3. RFP Evaluation: Next we ensure that any and all RFP opportunities match your company’s goals, capabilities and timelines. We can also assist in creating a Go/No Go process for vetting future opportunities.
  4. Proposal Content Development (or Review): In combination with you we will assist in the creation of the written and infographic content that will be included in your RFP response. We ensure strong messaging to highlight your differentiators while meeting all requirements for your submission.
  5. Proposal Design: Whether you need a custom proposal design or a proposal template, we can create an attractive, logical and RFP compliant layout that will meet your brand standards and help make an impactful visual impression.
  6. Printing and Delivery: After the final document has been completed, Keystone Resources will ensure your RFP response is submitted in all formats required by all required deadlines.  We can assist with electronically submitted documents as well as handle the printing, binding and physical delivery for your response.
  7. Presentation: Once you've been short-listed, we’ll transform your proposal into an engaging visual presentation design and prepare your subject matter speakers to help your company seal the deal.

Ready to Improve your RFP Responses?

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