Proposal Management


Boost Win-Rates with a Proposal Management Strategy in Place Before the RFP Is Out

Your proposals are critical to your sales and revenue each month and every year. Are you tracking the metrics for your proposals at each stage? Does your staff have the experience and breadth of skills needed for a successful proposal design or better yet proposal strategy?

Keystone Resources has APMP certified proposal managers and a deep team of experienced strategists and designers to boost numbers for all stages of your sales funnel.

Source and better qualify more RFPs, RFIs and RFQs.

Have the appropriate proposal design tools ready to go for efficient preparation.

Ensure your proposal meets all the requirements.

Be invited to more interviews and oral presentations on the short list.

Win more bids. Keystone Resources and our proposal clients have an 87% win-rate.

Proposal Management is More than Design

Keystone Resources is one of the few strategic marketing agencies with a dedicated Proposal division in-house. Our highly experienced and certified APMP professionals know what it takes to put together a proposal and, more importantly, a sustainable proposal management program.

We often work with clients with existing staff dedicated to proposals and RFP, RFI and RFQ responses. For those clients with internal teams we bring a fresh set of eyes with years of experience in proposal strategy and tactical implementation.

Our proposal management process creates a sustainable flow of bidding opportunities, and we assist in vetting those opportunities based on the business goals, services offered, target markets and matching experiences to maximize the chances of success. By limiting proposal submissions to those with the best odds, we save time and money for our clients.

Early in our proposal management process we also prepare proposal design templates for various proposal types, a library of case studies and bios, and a process flow all to ensure that the opportunities we do chase are done so efficiently and consistently.

Even with templates and prepared tools, every RFP, RFQ and RFI is unique and has its own set of requirements.  This is where our proposal work flow ensures that we are able to uncover the questions they really want to know about your firm as well as meet all the stated requirements and deliver on time.  This requires planning and process.

Collecting and creating the content is often a hurdle when preparing proposals. We assist our clients by collecting and updating existing information, interviewing subject matter experts to create case studies and compelling descriptions of your experience and writing new content when needed.

With all the content collected and the proposal templates complete, we are able to create each unique proposal using our proposal design team and APMP certified proposal managers.

During the proposal development phase we also offer these supplemental proposal services:

After submission we continue to work with our clients. If an interview and oral presentation is required we work with their key personal to be prepared to present, answer any questions and avoid potential pit falls during the interviews. This is a very critical time for the success of a proposal that is often overlooked and under planned.

We also review and track wins and losses to create a loop of continual improvement in your proposal process. By having a plan in place and proposal management support team at the ready, you could join the ranks of our clients with an 87% win-rate.

Ready to get started?

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