Proposal Audits


Proposal Audits Will Improve Your Proposal Process and Win-Rate

You have a big proposal due for a key piece of business. Or maybe you continually have a lot of proposals in various stages of completion. How do you know your proposal process or an individual proposal can’t be improved?

Keystone Resources has experienced APMP certified Proposal Managers that can review your proposal process or proposal to ensure you have the maximum opportunity to win the bid. A proposal audit may uncover strategies, tools or processes that improve your win rate.

Keystone and our clients have achieved an exceptional 87% win-rate by using our proven methodology and experience.

Uncover any improvement opportunities in your proposals, increase your win-rate and start propelling your bottom line.

What a Proposal Audit Can Do for You

Our proposal audits help uncover areas of improvement for specific proposals or your entire proposal process. Each incremental success is critical to improving your win-rate and revenue each year.

The Keystone Resources team consists of experienced APMP certified Proposal Managers, proposal designers and content developers that know how to put together an efficient and effective proposal management program. With our proposal process as a guide, we can review your processes and procedures to unlock even more potential wins.

Our proposal audit process takes a deep dive to review your entire proposal process from sourcing RFPs, RFQs and RFIs to vetting and qualifying, proposal and content development, proposal templates and libraries to submission and requirements checklists.  Beyond submission we also look at how your team prepares for interviews and oral presentations as well as the metrics for each stage of the proposal process.

Keystone Resources and our clients win 87% of the proposals we submit due to the process we go through and the experience providing these additional proposal services:

From the proposal audit, we will provide recommendations for improved processes, procedures, tools and support mechanisms to increase your overall win-rate.

Keystones often works with internal dedicated proposal teams during the audit and after our recommendations are given to cooperatively implement improvements and to educate and share the tools for a successful proposal process moving forward.

Ready for a Proposal Audit to Uncover Areas of Improvement?

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