Interview & Oral Presentation


You Made It to the Interview and Oral Presentation. Now Let’s Win It.

Your proposal has been submitted, and now you are on the short list.  You need to present and be interviewed before you can secure the bid.

Is your team fully prepared for an oral presentation to explain your experience and capabilities specifically for this opportunity?  How familiar is each team member with the proposal you submitted? Do they each understand their roles in the interview? Do they have the best presentation design to impress the decision committee and improve your odds of winning?

Interview and presentation preparation is the most underrated and over looked step in securing new business in the proposal process. Be sure your team is not going to “wing it” or be underprepared to present and interview as a team.

Be prepared. Win more bids. Increase sales.

Preparing for the Interview and Oral Presentation

This step is critical to securing the project. With the investment in putting together your proposal design, you don’t want to lose the bid to a team that may not have the experience but is more prepared for the interview and oral presentation.

Keystone Resources’ team of APMP certified Proposal Managers and experienced presenters help our clients through the entire proposal management process, including preparing teams to be the best in the room. This has led us and our clients to reach an 87% win-rate.

Each client is different and each RFP and proposal is different. That means that you cannot say the same things and use the exact same presentation you did last time. Though some material from you proposal design, presentation design and “boilerplate” materials exist, slight modifications and targeted changes to match this specific RFP are critical to a success interview and oral presentation.

We first review the RFP/RFQ/RFI and your proposal thoroughly for complete understanding and to uncover often unstated criteria or desired information from bidders. We then discuss what information should be included in the presentation. More often than not, it is more than just the same information in the proposal.

How is this information going to be presented and discussed in person versus on paper? We explore how to best position the various team members and clearly outline their roles and responsibilities for the interview and presentation. We want to highlight expertise by team members, show unity and demonstrate a cohesiveness and high-functioning team.

The presentation design should include important information presented with visually rich, engaging imagery, photos, infographics and video to improve understanding, recall and engagement. With a visually stunning and engaging visual aid to accompany your well prepared team, you will certainly stand out from the competition and greatly increase your opportunity to secure the project.

Ready to Prepare Your Interview and Presentation Team?

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