Capability Statement Design


Capability Statements Quickly Validate Your Company to Prospects

There are critical points in the sales cycle when you need to get basic information in front of decision maker in a very concise way. It could be as soon as a prospect finds your website, it could be an overview in a proposal, it could accompany other print design pieces in a sales packet and it might be the only thing a decision maker receives about your company from their researcher sourcing vendors.

Whatever the case may be, a strong capability statement design is an effective way to quickly communicate vital information in a concise way.

This vital marketing piece must be designed in a way that accelerates the path to purchase.

How to Use a Capability Statement

A capability statement is typically a one-page overview with simple facts about your company. Often it is kept in print and digital form for various uses.

Before we design your capability statement, we first consider what content needs to be included.  Less is better, but we need to meet all the needs of your target market or markets. Different target markets, such as public versus private entities, require different information when selecting or being selected as vendors. This means you may need multiple versions of your capability statement.

Critical elements should be included in all capability statements: logo and value proposition, website address, contact information and services offered. But what other information should be considered? That list is endless, but we may include items such as certifications and qualifications, references, company financials, geographic markets served and/or locations and others.

Like all marketing tools, when you are creating a capability statement, you must ensure that your brand is properly communicated, especially in such a small and usually information dense sheet. Keystone Resources’ professional designers will create a branded layout that visually communicates the facts we have determined are critical to include while keeping your brand front and center.

We help our clients decide the best places to use their capability statements based on their target markets and marketing objectives. Some clients include it in their proposal and as a sales sheet with their printed collateral. Others may put it on their website as a downloadable document. Additional uses may include email marketing, at trade shows or as part of a larger content marketing strategy.

Do You Need a New or Updated Capability Statement Design?

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