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Your Website Should Drive Online Sales

Websites should increase awareness, educate prospects about your products and services, legitimize your business, push prospective clients through the sales funnel and ultimately generate opportunities for your sales team.

Most likely your website is the first place potential clients, investors, and partners will interact with your business. It is your company’s face and messenger when you are not there.

Your website should be found online (Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising), provide well-written content for site visitors (Content Marketing) trigger engagement and ultimately drive prospects to call or email you.

All steps of the sales cycle need to be considered prior to your website development project. Producing quality leads and promoting prospects through the sales cycle propels your bottom line.

Website Development Considerations

Consider Keystone Resources your creative and strategic website development partners.

We uncover the important factors to website development that are essential to meeting your goals.

Factors such as:

  • How does the website play into your overall business goals? Your sales process?
  • Is it promoting strong Branding?
  • What kind of feedback do you receive from employees and customers?
  • Has your current site been driving traffic? Enough?
  • Are visitors finding what they need and converting to prospects?
  • Are you tracking SEO, your Blog, and Social Media?
  • Is there special functionality, marketing efforts or analytics you need to incorporate?
  • Has anything changed in your business or target market since the last website Iteration?

Keystone Resources ensures these considerations are implemented into a successful website development project.

A Successful Website Development Process

We begin all web development projects with your key stakeholders in a discovery meeting to garner a deep understanding of your:

  • Services and Products
  • Culture
  • Target Audience{s}
  • Competitors
  • Sales Cycle
  • Delivery of Products and Services
  • Differentiators
  • Overall Strategy and Goals

With a strong understanding of your current situation, we guide you through several website development steps to ensure the website is aligned with your preferences and goals.

Before the true “website development” steps kick in, we must go through the website design stage. Website design consists of sitemap development, content creation, mood board review, wireframing and graphic design. Here are more details about the website design process.

After the website design is approved, the design files are shifted to our website development team to be programmed and brought to life.

It is highly recommended that we build your website in a Content Management Systems (CMS).  This provides efficiencies in the rest of the website development, improves consistency within your website, adds security and allows those without website development skills to make updates and edits to the site after launch. Keystone Resources will assist you in determining which CMS is best for your website development project and hosting environment (we offer hosting services too).

Our website development team will ensure your hosting environment has the necessary requirements and is set up ready to host your site during development and after launch. We then install and set up the basics of the CMS to begin creating your website.

Various page class templates are set up in the CMS. A page class is a group of pages with the same or similar layout.  Typical page classes include home page, service/product pages, blog pages, bio pages, job postings, contact page, etc. A typical website development project may have 3-6 page classes and 8-20+ individual pages.

After page classes are set up the approved content is then added to create each individual page within the website. Written content, photos, infographics and more may be included on any particular webpage. If a blog or other library of content exists prior to the website, we transfer that content format it to match the new design of the website

During the website development process all the additional functionality is added.

  • Mobile friendly/responsive functionality for various devices
  • The blog and associated content
  • All the SEO elements
  • eCommerce capabilities as needed
  • Contact (and other) form submissions
  • Newsletter registration
  • All functionality and connections to external technologies required
  • Site launch

After the site is launched we can plan a CMS training to go over the basics with your team. Typically this takes an hour or less and includes the how-to’s for most updates you will need to make to the website

Of course no website development project should be considered complete without a plan for how to market it after the launch.  Be sure you consider a full digital marketing mix including Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, Content Marketing, Blog Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Video production.

Ready to get started?

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