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Your Website is Your Sales Force Online. Make Sure it’s Working for You.

Your website should be increasing awareness, educating prospects about your products and services, legitimizing your business, pushing prospects through the sales cycle and ultimately generating sales opportunities.

Your website is likely the first place potential customers, investors, and partners will form an opinion of your business. It speaks for your business before you even get a chance to say hello.

Is your website being found online (Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising), are site visitors finding the well-written content they need (Content Marketing) are they engaging and ultimately calling or emailing you? 

All steps of the sales cycle need to be considered when creating your website design. Generating quality leads and advancing prospects through the sales cycle propels your bottom line.

Website Design Considerations

Consider Keystone Resources your creative and strategic website design partners.

We ask the important questions about your website that are essential to meeting your goals.

Questions like:

  • How does the website play into your overall business goals? Your sales process?
  • Is it promoting strong Branding?
  • What kind of feedback do you receive from employees and customers?
  • Has your current site been driving traffic? Enough?
  • Are visitors finding what they need and converting to prospects?
  • Are you tracking SEO, your Blog, and Social Media?
  • Is there special functionality, marketing efforts or analytics you need to incorporate?
  • Has anything changed in your business or target market since the last website Iteration?

Keystone Resources ensures these considerations are implemented into a successful website design.

A Successful Website Design Process

We begin all web design projects with a discovery meeting with key stakeholders to ensure we understand your:

  • Services and Products
  • Culture
  • Target Audience(s)
  • Competitors
  • Sales Cycle
  • Delivery of Products and Services
  • Differentiators
  • Overall Strategy and Goals

With a strong understanding of the current situation, we take you through several website design steps to ensure the website is aligned with your preferences and goals.

We start developing a site map to outline the pages and content that will be included in your website to meet the needs of site visitors and drives them to make contact.

Once approved, we need to develop or update the content for the new site. If needed our content marketing writers can develop the content with SEO in mind to improve your online visibility after we launch. Once the content is written and approved, we move into the actual design phase.

Next we present a mood board with examples of potential website design features and functionality. Your feedback helps guide our designers and minimize iterations, cost and overall project timing.

With the mood board direction agreed upon a wireframe, a layout of key website elements without any graphics, is created. This step provides your first real look at how the site will work and generally appear. The wireframe evolves out of the strategy decided upon in the discovery meeting, connecting website objectives with the layout.

After approval of the wireframes, the homepage design is created and presented. More often than not, this design concept is approved with very few modifications.  But after any adjustments to the homepage, we design the other page classes needed for the site. Again because of the upfront work, these designs are generally approved with few changes.

At this point, the website design phase is technically complete. However,a website design is nothing without functional development. The design files are then transitioned to our website development team to be programmed and brought to life.

The website development team will take the designs and implement the following:

  • Digitization of each page
  • Implementation of the Content Management System (CMS)
  • Mobile friendly/responsive functionality for various devices
  • The blog and associated content
  • All the SEO elements
  • Hosting environment set up (we host website too)
  • eCommerce capabilities as needed
  • Contact (and other) form submissions
  • Newsletter registration
  • All functionality and connections to external technologies required
  • Site launch

Here are more details about the website development stage.

Of course no website design project should be considered complete without a plan for how to market it after the launch.  Be sure you consider a full digital marketing mix including Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, Content Marketing, Blog Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Video production.

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