Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing: Increase Engagement, Strengthen Your Brand, Drive Sales

Think of Social Media Marketing as another channel to reach your prospects and your customers. These social media platforms make up this unique channel that allows for give and take through engagement and sharing. When properly planned and managed, it can be a powerful marketing tool to help grow your business and improve your brand and reputation. Social Media Marketing can deepen connections with those who know you, increase visibility with those who don’t know you yet, position you as a thought leader in your industry and drive sales leads.

How Social Media Marketing Makes a Difference

Social media is a marketing tool to promote your message and content, share relevant news, connect with new audiences, speak directly with your consumers, and demonstrate the personality of your business.

All the various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) each have their own advantages and proper uses. Not every platform is appropriate for every company. They can each be a powerful tool, but only if you have a strategy that prioritizes it as an engagement and conversion tool.

Social Media Marketing is most effective as part of a broader content marketing strategy because it is vital to plan and create relevant, timely and creative content to post and share on your social media channels that aligns with your other marketing tools (website, blog and emails). Creating content for your social media platforms is different from placing online advertising on social media, though we can do that too.

Keystone Resources will create a cohesive Social Media Marketing and content strategy to ensure consistency of your content and effectively timed distribution. It is critical to plan and develop content for all stages of the sales cycle: lead generation, prospects, opportunities and existing clients.

Social Media Marketing Planning and Implementation

To create a strong Social Media Marketing strategy we first conduct a social media audit on any existing social media platforms you may currently have. We then take a deeper dive into understanding your company, products and services, brand, target audiences and goals for social media and your overall business.

We then create an action plan to help you work towards those goals. We create a content development schedule that feeds into a social media editorial calendar. This will only include those social media platforms that are most effective for your goals and target audience.

With a strong plan in place it is time execute. The Keystone Resources Social Media Marketing team is made of strategists, content developers and designers. We can assist your existing internal team or create all the content needed to implement the plan.

We can even manage the entire process for you including monitoring and measuring.  In order to ensure that you are getting the brand awareness, engagement and conversions we track metrics and make adjustments in strategy and execution to continually optimize your social media marketing.

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