Online Advertising & SEM


Now That Your Website is Built, Is It Generating Leads and Sales?

Clearly a website is an essential tool for any business. But once you invest resources into a website, the next online steps might not be clear.

Without Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Online Advertising your website may not even be found by anyone who doesn’t already know you.  That means it’s not a source of lead generation (one of the main purposes of a website).

Regardless of what you are selling, people ARE looking for your products and services online, guaranteed. If you are not in the places they are searching you will not be an option. Online advertising and SEM connects prospective clients to you when they are actively seeking a solution.

More Visibility. More Leads. More Sales.

What are Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Online Advertising?

Online advertising and SEM are methods of increasing your visibility online.  SEM utilizes search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) to place ads in search engine results pages (SERPs) and to improve a site's organic placement on the SERPs through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Online advertising is placing your ads somewhere across the web (within social media channels, across ad networks, etc.).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Over 90% of internet users visit search engines. Keystone Resources will help you reach your target audience right where they are, right when they need you.

SEM is making sure your website is visible on search engines by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for organic listings and ad campaigns for paid listings (also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), Google AdWords, etc.). The idea is to ensure that your website shows up as high as possible in the results people see when they search.

Keystone Resources will help you determine the best SEM strategy to reach your target audience while maintaining your budget.  By raising your website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), you will bring in more website visitors, increase your number of prospects and ultimately increase your sales revenue.

Throughout the month we monitor and adjust your SEM campaigns to maximize the results.  We also provide reporting and encourage our clients to debrief with us monthly about what they are seeing and how our campaigns are affecting their sales pipeline.

Social Media Advertising

Keystone Resources can help you be more visible on social media platforms through paid content and customized display ads that will captivate your target audience (not to be confused with the broader Social Media Marketing). These ads can be highly targeted for geography, demographics, interests and many other factors that greatly improve your ROI.

As with SEM, we monitor and adjust your social media ad campaigns for maximum effectiveness and provide monthly reporting and debrief sessions with our clients about the campaigns.

Ready to get started?

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