Email Marketing


What if for every $1 spent, you could generate $38 in ROI? 

For ten years in a row, email marketing is the channel generating the highest ROI for business owners.  And those are the exact statistics from 2015. Here’s another fun fact: Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

While having a Social Media Marketing plan certainly helps, you can’t ignore Email Marketing. Not if you want to increase sales.

When executed properly, there’s no faster, easier, or more cost-effective way to generate sales than email marketing. 

Email Marketing is a critical component of Content Marketing

Email Marketing is part of the larger category of Content Marketing.  Along with Online Advertising and Blog Marketing you have serious marketing activities to drive your bottom line.

Email Marketing delivers traffic, leads and customers with minimal effort, but it has to be set up correctly with a strategy behind it. With the right Email Marketing strategy, you can generate more leads, sales and engagement from your current subscribers, while growing your subscriber list.

How we set up Email Marketing strategies drive sales

We begin with a in-depth discovery meeting between our digital marketing team and your key players to make sure we understand the entire picture. We must understand your target market and current subscriber base as well as past and current activities with their results.

We then research your targeted subscribers in order to make your future email content resonate with your subscribers.

Next Keystone Resources will develop a strategy that moves email subscribers through your sales and marketing funnels effectively. We’ll also incorporate ways to attract new subscribers to your list.

We want to make sure your audience is engaged, responsive, and most importantly, seeing value in what you’re sending them.  Value = Retention.

To complete the strategy, our email marketing experts will determine how often key performance indicators need to be measured in order to align with your goals.

We help you find an email platform to hold your subscriber list and automate your email distributions.  We can also manage your email platform for you. When we are prepared to create the emails our Design team can create an email or newsletter template in-line with your current brand.  Also our Content Marketing writers can help you write effective copy and messaging for your emails and newsletters.

With your Email Marketing elements in place, we can train your team to implement the campaigns or we can implement them for you.

And of course, we monitor consistently and report our findings back to you.

We truly are working towards your bottom line each and every time. 

Ready to get started?

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