Trade Show Display


Effective Trade Show Displays are Not Enough for a Positive ROI

If you or your teams are attending trade shows it often hard to tell if the expense justifies what you get from it. There are benefits to just showing up, but if you really want a positive ROI you need more than a pop-up banner and some pens.

Keystone helps our clients plan an effective strategy that includes pre-show outreach, activities and materials for the show itself (effectively designs banners, displays and graphics, engaging video presentations, promotional items) and post-show marketing activities to close the leads you gathered at the show.

Properly planned and executed tradeshow activities should be tied directly to sales.

How to Get More from Your Trade Show 

Keystone Resources helps improve our clients’ effectiveness at trade shows in many ways. First we develop an overall tradeshow strategy that includes activities and materials to be used before during and after the tradeshow.  Our goal is to actually drive sales from their investment in tradeshows.

Our tradeshow display strategies consider pre-show outreach to potential show attendees and to those who will certainly be at the show. We want them to know who you are, why they should visit you at the show and where you will be at the show. Where is your booth? Are you speaking? Is there a customer or prospect event your hosting or sponsoring?

Post-show strategy is also important. We ensure that all the leads we uncovered during the show are effectively marketed too. Some maybe only researching and some may be ready to close.  Regardless of the sales cycle stage they fall into, we want to be sure we have materials and programs ready to go before the show ends so we can capitalize on the lead.

So what about at the show?

Trade Show Displays – What to Have at the Show

While you and your team are attending the trade show, you will certainly want to ensure that you are displaying your company and your products and services as effectively as possible.

Keystone Resources will help you create a display space that captures the attention of those at the trade show. Any banners or trade show displays must have a simple, but powerful design that engages and interests prospects to come and investigate.

Trade shows are an opportunity to convert strangers into brand ambassadors and casual booth visitors into clients.

Once your trade show display has their attention, you need to educate and engage.  Many tools are at your disposal. Videos that demonstrate processes, presentations that educate, brochures and other print design that can be taken with prospects, games and promotional products to entertain and generate conversation, promotions and drawings to encourage word of mouth at the show and encourage sharing of contact information are all considerations.

Trade shows are for increasing awareness, educating the market about your company and ultimately generating prospects.

Keystone Resources helps our clients determine what they need for their trade show displays, and then we create a cohesive package to maximize their ROI.

Ready to Improve your Trade Show ROI?

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