Presentation Design


Better Visual Presentation Design Engages the Audience and Creates More Impact

Presenting is a huge opportunity to increase awareness, inform audiences about new products or services, position you as a thought leader in the market or directly generate sales.

You have probably spent a lot of time gaining the expertise on your subject and preparing what you will say.  But without proper visual (and audio) tools to accompany you, the results will most likely be lackluster.

A powerful presentation design can provide the additional impact to better inform, demonstrate, engage and prompt your audience to take action during and after your presentation.

Be sure you make the most of your presenting opportunity to improve your bottom line

The Importance of Presentation Design

Audiences big or small attend presentations to learn something and to be walk away with a better understanding of the subject at hand. Visual assets during your presentation are key to meeting their needs and ultimately yours as the presenter.

A great presentation design may include a number of elements. A basic slide deck is common, but your presentation should include interesting, attractive and relevant photography, infographics, credible references, video or motion graphics and more.

People retain information presented verbally with visual aids more than three times longer than visual information alone and more than six times longer than verbal alone. In fact, some people may walk away only remembering one or two visual items they saw. Be sure they are telling your story and planting seeds in their minds for future recall.

Not only do people retain the information better, they understand it more deeply and thoroughly with visual presentation tools. A great presentation design enhances your dialog and provides context.

Keep in mind that different members of your audience have different learning styles as well. Beyond the general improvement of recall and understanding with enhanced visual aids, some members may not be able to understand your material without them.

Truly impactful presentation design elements required a skilled and experienced hand, and Keystone Resources has a team of designers and experienced presenters that know how to put together a strong presentation design.

We also help our clients develop the outline and language of their presentation if needed. Static slides full of text or too many bullet points will not be as impactful or memorable, and having an experienced partner to help guide the presentation design process is invaluable.  

Whether your goals are to increase awareness, inform, demonstrate or sell, a strong script and a visually engaging presentation design will help you reach your business objectives.

Ready to Improve the Impact of Your Presentation Design?

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