Logo Design


Your Logo Design Can Help or Hurt Your Business

An effective logo design generates positive emotions and creates a strong “positioning” in people’s minds about your company and your products and services. 

A poor first impression of your brand can limit engagement, reduce sales leads and ultimately diminish your bottom line.

Keystone Resources has been designing custom logos for businesses, government agencies, universities and non-profits since 2002. 

We know what it takes to create not only a beautiful visual expression of your company in a logo, but also how to create a visual identity that’s part of a robust brand that is effective at helping your company grow!

How Strong Logo Design and Branding Work Together

When you have strong logo design and branding your company’s messaging and marketing will be more clear, consistent and effective at defining your core, differentiating you from competitors, creating more sales opportunities and eventually improving your bottom line!

But what is the difference between logo design and branding, and how do they work together?

Your brand is the identity made from the sum total of many different elements: your logo, your messaging, brand loyalty and public perception.

Everything your company does, says, promotes, creates and every encounter with your brand either adds to or detracts from the strength and value of your branding.

So it is imperative that your marketing agency take all of these into account when designing your logo. 

Logo designs created in isolation without taking into account your company’s unique brand, personality and target markets will not create a successful brand.

A strong brand is enhanced and visually communicated through your logo design.

Your logo is a visual representation of what you stand for, how you are different, why you should be considered.  This must align and complement all your other messages and actions so that there is consistency and truth across all your brand elements in all their applications.

This means you can’t fake it, at least for very long.  Your brand and logo design must represent the truth.

Your brand must be communicated continuously and consistently across all your marketing.

So take serious consideration of your brand in your website design, print design, social media marketing, online advertising, email marketing, trade show displays, video production, proposals and presentations.

A powerful logo design is part of your overall brand and should make selling easier leading to improved bottom line results!

When Choosing an Agency for Logo Design

Whether you are just starting out and need to create an entirely new logo design or need to update an existing logo, you should choose an experienced marketing agency that understands more than just design.  

Your agency should first learn and understand your:

  • Entire brand
  • Target audience(s)
  • Competitors
  • Sales cycle
  • Delivery of products and services
  • Differentiators
  • Overall strategy and goals

Keystone Resources’ Logo Design Process

Keystone Resources has a proven process for creating strong brands and effective logo designs for our clients.

  1. Discovery - Broad Overview and Deeper Understanding: We first want to ensure that prior to creating a brand or a new logo that we understand the broader context and marketplace.  This includes our clients’ products and services, target markets, competitors, companywide goals and objectives, differentiators and sales cycle.
  2. Competitive Message and Visual Analysis: Through online research, we will capture competitors’ points of differentiation and general message strategy as well as their various logo design visual styles. Understanding this competitive landscape will allow us to craft a brand and logo design that’s unique and stands out in the market.
  3. Mood Board: The Mood Board helps Keystone Resources ensure that we are aligned with our clients on the general direction for the color palette, look and feel, style and tone for the logo development. This is the first visual step in the logo design process.
  4. Logo Design Concepts: Based on the finalized Mood Board a number of logo concepts are sketched. With our clients’ input we refine the sketches into final logo design concept options.
  5. Logo Guidelines and Usage: With selection of the final logo design, we can create a Logo Guidelines and Usage documents with proper file types to be used for various applications, rules governing the colors, fonts and placement when using the logo.  This ensures the logo design is used consistently everywhere it is used.

Ready to make a bigger impact with a better logo design?

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