Stupp Corporation

Logo, Stationery, Brochure, Seasonal Promo, Infographic, Illustration, Brand Standards

Stupp Corporation began with a corporate logo re-design and has flourished into several unique projects that sets this pipeline company apart from all of their competitors. We simplified their logo and aimed to create a clean, modern feel to their overall branding. The design elements carried over into a custom die-cut brochure that features the logo "unfolding" into each section of their company. The hand-drawn experience map, also featured below on their website, highlights all of their major projects over the past 60 years. To ensure the use of their brand remains consistent throughout all of their print, web and promotional items, we created a highly detailed brand standards document that shows best practices, color assignments and typography uses for a wide range of media.

Website, CMS, MODX, Splashpage, Retina

Splashpage: We created a single page website that acts as a launchpad for all of the clients subsidiary company websites.

Website: We created a retina-ready full marketing website built on MODX CMS which allows the client to maintain the site content in-house. We also built some cool "extras":

  • Interactive Experience Map that allows users to see where and what kind of pipe Stupp Corp has in North America.
  • Interactive Comparison Table Lookup driven by a custom database that generates branded PDF versions of the output on demand.
  • Secure login based estimate generator that looks up pricing and options from a custom database.