Stonestreet Group


The Stonestreet Group is an organization that specializes in property management in all aspects - from purchasing, renovation and equity management. We have created several infographics for their monthly and quarterly reports, showcased below, but with most of the information being private, we're only able to showcase a few graphics at a time. These feature a page from our quarterly report with a breakdown of project status, as well as their most recent organizational chart. 


The Stonestreet Group's financial reports began as a need to present information in a branded, cohesive way across all of the company's divisions. We created a report style that works well in both monthly and quarterly form, which we use in digital and printed formats. Each book features custom tabs and cover with z-folded pages and coil binding. We design the book and print in-house each month, with a much larger-scale production for their quarterly books four times a year.