St. Cuthbert


St. Cuthbert is an Episcopalian church located in Northwest Houston.

St. Cuthbert came to Keystone needing a website refresh that would be more user-friendly to enhance their online presence.

After research and client meetings, we created a beautiful and clean website to reflects the beliefs and mission of the church so that current visitors can connect more and to entice new visitors to the church. Designing this website was a unique challenge. The site had quite a few interior pages and lots of content so we had to develop a layout that could handle multiple navigation systems. We also kept in mind that multiple users would be updating the site so we wanted ensure that the site was able to be easily updated on the back end. We created a softer color palette for the site to work well with their current branding and feel that the overall result was very successful. All in all, the client was very happy. The website is up, gaining traffic and running smoothly.