Houston Skin Cancer Associates

Logo, Stationery, Brochure, Direct Mailer

Houston Skin Cancer Associates, Dermatological Association of Texas and Adara Med Spa are three local businesses all represented within the same brand. Each logo was created to compliment the other, through similar typography and color palettes. We've created several print pieces that work together as a unit - business cards, open house invitations, corporate and procedural brochures, and a 30,000-piece direct mail campaign at the end of 2013 for their winter skin check-up and botox special.

Splash Page, Newsletter, Website Maintenance

Splash Page: The Houston Skin Cancer Associates splashpage was built to support the client's new business offering of specialized Mohs Surgery. The design focuses on the clinic, their service and the attending physician while incorporating the newly created graphic styles from their logo project.

Newsletter:  We created a custom MailChimp template based on their splash page design and trained them how to maintain their list and campaigns.

Website Maintenance: Since the client came to us with a full Wordpress installation on their main site, we've been helping them with minor style and content updates.

More to Come: We have some really cool sites in the work now that we'll be adding as soon as they launch.