To celebrate Bluware's 25th year anniversary, we collaborated with the marketing manager to illustrate the vision of the past, present and future states of the company. To create movement within the logo, we created one continuous path by joining the rectangle box and numbers.

Bluware has four primary audiences and the icons help to unify their brand while customizing their messaging to the current user. The illustrations for the website were designed to represent a brainstorming whiteboard meeting, where most of Bluware's preliminary innovation takes shape. 

Website, CMS, MODX, Responsive, Retina, Electronic Invitation

Electronic Invitation: Our first project with Bluware was collaborating with their marketing manager on the 25th anniversary party digital invitation. We took the brainstorming ideas from his book and brought them to digital life!

Website: This was our first soirée with a fully responsive design and retina graphic integration. We started off by pandering to Bluware's unique audiences by dynamically altering the homepage content and structure based on their selection. We also threw in a cool interactive graphic to explain Agile Methodology with jQuery Path.