Stephanie Sullivan

Consultant [Content Wrangler]

“If there is no wind, row.” – Latin Proverb

Stephanie is focused on developing proposals that allow our clients to secure exciting new projects and grow their businesses. As an APMP certified proposal manager, she guides clients through the often daunting process of responding to various types of proposal requests. Around the office, she’s known as the Content Wrangler because she is responsible for gathering, vetting, editing, and organizing content from various subject matter experts and making sure all content pieces work together to create a compliant, responsive, persuasive and compelling proposal.  

During the long days and late nights of proposal development, Stephanie can be found behind her laptop, listening to classical music with a large mug of tea and plenty of brain food like nuts and fruit to keep her typing. Stephanie’s spirit animal is a whale because she loves having her “pod” of collaborators nearby to navigate the waters as a team. When tackling the concentrated and methodical work of proposal development, she moves at a peaceful pace and is never intimidated by predators.

When she’s not working, Stephanie enjoys playing in her art studio, working in her woodshop, or singing along with friends and family when they rock out in her home recording studio. After a long week, Stephanie’s favorite way to de-stress includes cuddling with her dogs and falling asleep just before the end of a great movie.