"If you try, something great might happen. If you don’t try, you’re guaranteeing that nothing will happen."

Shonna Godoy joined Keystone Resources in early 2012 as an intern after graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media. In December 2014, she received a Master of Arts in Digital Media Studies from University of Houston - Clear Lake. 

Shonna developed a passion for both computers and art as a child and has always wanted to use those skillsets in some way for her career. She chose her college major because of how broad the realm of digital media is, knowing it would give her a foundation to go down any path she chose in a world of technology-based art. After taking several classes that encouraged the use of various web and programming languages, Shonna realized she had found her calling in web development. She loves using code to make designs come to life, and thoroughly enjoys solving any challenges that come her way.

Shonna is a native Houstonian and has lived in the Humble area throughout much of her life. She is the mother of a cat, two dogs, and two small humans. When she has spare time, she enjoys writing, drawing, playing video games, and hosting board game nights. Her spirit animal is a cat, because she admires their independence and ability to rule entire households.